Focus areas

Brownstone Counseling offers therapy in a multitude of forms. These include:

  • Individual therapy – including use of CBT, DBT, supportive counseling, insight oriented counseling, or a natural combination of those listed above. It is important for the client to feel comfortable with the clinician, and incredibly important for the clinician to both provide a comfortable environment in which to explore, as well as work to meet the clients learning style and needs.
  • Family Counseling – Focusing on how the family can communicate better rather than blaming one “identified patient”, and that each family member plays a part in the success or struggle of the family unit.
  • Support groups

    Group counseling

    Marital Counseling – Focusing on how the relationship between significant others has been affected by the numerous stressors that we as individuals and as a unit face every day, and how to not let these stressors control the relationship.

  • Group Counseling – Using peer feedback, insight, education, and support to help with similar stressors. The clinician’s job in this is to help facilitate these aspects, but not to lead the group to do these.

As this section indicates, there are several different types of therapy. Less important than the approach used or the theoretical style engaged in doing this is the basic ability for the clinician and client to form a therapeutic bond that allows the client to explore issues and increase the chance of the client making positive changes to their lives.

We accept Medicare and all major insurances except Medicaid

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